This page lists all of the approved cog repositories for Red.

Warning: These repositories are community made. We have no say over what goes into them. The author of Red and the contributors are not responsible for any damage caused by 3rd party cogs.

Adding Repositories

To install a community made cog you need to add the repository first. Use the command thats listed below the repository. After that you can use [p]cog list reponame to check on what cogs you can install.

Cog support

For additional support please visit the following Discord server

Approved list

High quality repositories


Repository Link:
Author: Twentysix
Description: General purpose cogs
Command: [p]cog repo add 26-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: Will / tekulvw
Description: A collection of cogs and tools I find useful
Command: [p]cog repo add squid-plugins


Repository Link:
Author: irdumb
Description: Example cogs as well as various silly, QOL, and community-based cogs
Command: [p]cog repo add dumb-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: Alzarath
Description: Image booru fetching cogs
Command: [p]cog repo add booru-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: Redjumpman
Description: Will be developing mostly cogs related to gaming such as Pokedex.
Command: [p]cog repo add jumper-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: Mash/Canule
Description: General cogs. Oboobs = NSFW
Command: [p]cog repo add mash-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: PaddoInWonderland (Paddolicious#8880 on Discord)
Description: General cogs I developed.
Command: [p]cog repo add paddo-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: CalebJ
Description: General and utility cogs I made or innovated upon.
Command: [p]cog repo add calebj-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: orels1
Description: Gaming / data based cogs, with a bit of some fun stuff
Command: [p]cog repo add orels-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: FlapJack
Description: Cogs containing features such as sfx, reaction polls, game utilities, name color management, triggered emoji reactions, a server DEFCON system, and dongers.
Command: [p]cog repo add flapjack-cogs

Beta list

General list of repositories


Repository Link:
Author: Kowlin
Description: General cogs with a slight sniff of moderation tools!
Command: [p]cog repo add refactored-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: Eslyium
Description: General and NSFW cogs.
Command: [p]cog repo add eslyium-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: Stevy
Description: General cogs.
Command: [p]cog repo add maybe-useful-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: Aioxas
Description: Weird cogs that might or might not be useful for your needs.
Command: [p]cog repo add ax-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: palmtree5
Description: Various internet and Minecraft-related cogs.
Command: [p]cog repo add palmtree5-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: Ritsu / kagami#6142
Description: Some /usr/bin inspired cogs. Includes several text manipulation utilities ported from *nix. Can read input from user message, chat log, or URL. Can chain commands together via pipes and redirect output to pastebin. Also includes an anime RSS alert cog specifically built for TokyoTosho.
Command: [p]cog repo add ritsu-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: Awoonar Dust
Description: Cogs for server utilities and fun!
Command: [p]cog repo add dusty-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: tmerc
Description: Various cogs that range from playing sounds and getting cat facts to taking surveys and storing quotes.
Command: [p]cog repo add tmerc-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: NekoTony
Description: The only Red Cogs made out of boredom, loneliness, and what I think is sweat.
Command: [p]cog repo add neko-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: ScarletRav3n
Description: Fun and random cogs for general entertainment.
Command: [p]cog repo add scarlet-cogs


Repository Link:
Author: SnappyDragon18
Description: Cogs based on nerd-culture and games for Red-Discord Bot.
Command: [p]cog repo add snap-ons