Custom commands arguments

You can make dynamic custom command by using some of the underlying library’s objects as arguments.

There are 4 objects (and their attributes) supported for now:





Author represents the user who issued the command, server and channel the server and channel in which it was issued and message the message that… Contains the command that triggered the custom command.

I swear it’s simpler than it sounds.

As an example, let’s see how to create a custom command that shows the user’s ID.

[p]addcom id Here's your id: {}

This custom command uses the user’s attribute id. In the’s docs linked above you can see all the attributes of those objects. “Author” is a special case, you can find it in the docs as Member and User.

Some other examples:

[p]addcom kickme :boot: {}
[p]addcom greet Hi {author.mention}! Welcome to {}!
[p]addcom whereami? You're in channel {}!
[p]addcom discordtime Current Discord time: {message.timestamp}

Invalid or forbidden arguments will be ignored.